Instructions for Authors

Contributed papers accepted for the Conference will be presented either orally or by poster.

Oral presentations will be in the format of a talk given by the Presenting Author using an LCD projector, followed by a short discussion period. The allotted time for presentation and discussion is 15 minutes.

Presenting Authors are expected to upload their presentation (PowerPoint or PDF format) on the conference PC well in advance. A few days before the Conference, the organizing Committee will ask the Presenting Author to upload their presentation on a secured location. We advise Presenting Authors to bring their own laptop computer in case of incompatibility between the conference PC and their presentation.


Poster presentations will consist of well-prepared visual materials posted on a designated board, with the Presenting Author available to present details and to answer questions during the poster session.
The surface area available for posters is 100 cm wide by 150 cm high (portrait/vertical orientation). The whole poster support is about 200 cm high.

If you want to use the logo of Magnet2024 and AIMagn in your presentation, they can be copied from the pictures below.